Before the development of photo and video editing apps users faced too many difficulties, editing their photographs furthemore it is a very time-consuming and difficult process. I started to research and learned that most people use different editing apps like, pics art, lite video editor, snap seed, pixel lab, canva, discord, and much more. 

Picsart apk is a very famous application with 1 billion downloaded worldwide.  It provides us with mind-blowing features like an AI enhancer and stickers and also removes back backgrounds for photos and explores our creativity. Mod apk means a modified version. The main purpose of making this version is to unlock all the premium features that are very costly in the official version. 

App NamePicsArt
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Picsart Apk Describe

The apk version is one of the best editing applications published in November 2011. Over the past few years this application has become very popular with users it crosses 1 billion users on the Android platform alone. Here we discuss some amazing features of the picsart apk.

How to use picsart apk

  • Launch the app: First of all you install/download the application on your device and then open it.
  • Sign up or create an account:  Click the sign-up option and sign up with your E-mail account or any social media account.
  • Start a new project: after signing up you click the “+” button or the Create option to start it.
  • After installing the apk version on your device, these photos show you what it looks like on your device screen.
  • Share your creativity: additionally, this editing application enables you to share your creation with your relevant community and social media platforms, and family.
  • Research and Learn:  the more you explore this app the more you learn about it. It offers a lot of cool and unique ideas by professional artists. In short, describe it as a playground of knowledge it helps us not only in editing but also in learning.

Gold Apk

Downloading the official application from the Play Store will give you limited features against monthly subscription charges, although the premium features are paid. APK Gold version is the newest photo and video editing application with many unique features that are not included in the free version. Increase your editing skills and also polish your creativity with the help of distinctive gold features. Here we will provide you with all premium features without any subscription charges for Andro fever.  Here is a video demo of how to unlock all the premium features.

Ai Feature

Nowadays days this photo editing application is the top priority for mobile and desktop photo editing because of its amazing AI features. It provides us with advanced and wonderful editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and Lightroom.  We must improve the quality of photo captures of cheap mobile devices through the enlargement of AI features that are included in the picsart. 

Remove all the Watermarks

If we use the free version one of the crucial problems is the watermark. After every edit, a watermark will be shown on our screen this is such an alarming problem and needs to be corrected. If we go for the premium version allows us to access this flexible alternative. Use this flexible version here, it will provide you all the appearance of all the evaluated parameters. Most of us love to show our creativity and editing skills so this application included all the occupancy.

Remove photo background 100% free

When we use the application we see many features to edit our own photos and videos. In advanced editing tools, background remover is one of the best tools. This will help us to remove all types of photo backgrounds and get our best experience here.

Lots of Colourful Effects

To keep in touch with the current fashion young people will edit their photos with different colors and features like gamut, handling, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. This application prepares and gives a lot of attractive photo frames for users you must use these frames, and they look inspiring. More importantly, this application provides all colors and this version is always up-to-date on what color or effect you want this app will provide you.

Insert Stickers

Another amazing feature of this application is editing stickers of our videos and photos when we want we change the stickers or edit them. Stickers are used mostly in fun images or to express our emotions. This app contains a lot of sticker groups which will be divided into different groups such as Weather, Temperature, emotions, etc. Besides, to make the photo more eye-catching we add quotes, and sentences of our photo in a suitable font to make our photo perfect.


 This app can merge several photos in a single frame. The original size of the photo doesn’t matter you just select the photo and the picsart resizes the photo in frame. We almost see on the different social platforms people use collages in which different photos are merged in a single frame. There is another unique feature to making pictures and video collages in a very short time and with the lowest level of effort. 

Adpilot for making instant ads

There are so many attractive and useful features of this application there they introduced a handy feature for small businesses. Small businesses’ budget ratios are extremely low so they cannot afford money to promote their business through advertisement. Picsart offers this feature to promote their business without any money spent. This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) base software you reach it on the cloud and explore it. 

Ai avatar pets

This application has recently added, the Ai avatar, pets by exploring this marvelous feature you can edit your pets’ photos. Within 10 minutes you can edit 20 to 30 pictures of your pets easily.

Here we show you the popularity of this app with the exact facts and figures until 2023. The picsart 4.3 * ratings and 1 billion+ downloads Android platform alone show how much picsart is preferred by users.

Gold subscriptions

The simple version offers limited features but in the recent update, this will be extended their feature through the Gold version. If anybody wants  Gold APK then it would be a subscription chart you must pay the charges and explore its amazing features.


Picsart offers extraordinary editing features required by every age group and beginners as well as professionals. 

This app has regularly updated its version and added up-to-date exciting new features like stickers, background remover, ads free, collage in video animation, and you can erase the sound of any video.

If you face any technical fault it provides a 24/7 hours support team.

You can share your editing work with your picsart community, family, and friends.


  Picsart Gold offers all the features but the subscription model is very costly which is a serious issue and a very bad experience for users.

Many free alternatives of this application are available in the market that offer the same features at very cheap prices or mostly are free of any subscription.In the official application users face ads and watermarks this is such a problem that user lose their focus.


This is a wonderful application that is used on different devices like, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows users can create and edit their photos with a variety of amazing tools.

This application provides both free and premium versions. Many features are free and many features are premium. 

The picsart subscription cost is $8.99 per month and the annual charge is $107.88 users subscribe to the package and get access to all the premium features and tools. Users subscribe to the package through the official website.

This application is easily accessible on both Android and iOS operating platforms.

Android users access this application through the Google Play Store and iOS users access this application through the App Store.

You can use the application on different devices simply install the application on each device and your login password is the same on every device in this way you can use this app on every device with a single subscription.

  If you have a single subscription you can’t be able to share your subscription with friends but you may share the application link on social media platforms with your friends in this way they can easily install the application and use it.

  The official app does not have a free watermark remover option, but in a gold subscription, you have the option to remove the watermark. Or you may install the mod apk to access this outstanding feature without any subscription.

User Reviews

Audra wood

It’s a great editing app. One of the best I have found and you can get lost for hours creating things and also learning new techniques. I like that if you see something you like that someone else has done, picsart will reproduce it for you with a picture of your choice and also allow you to change our fine-tune options during the process. Highly recommend it’s lots of fun.

Neale Oxley

It was great until lately. I subscribe monthly but now AI enhance and background eraser are not working. The two I mostly use, features have a little red bar. The Eraser tool has a little red bar but it still works. What went wrong? Has there been an update and have these functions been removed? If this isn’t fixed I’ll be cancelling my subscription. Diet and addendum. I was kept in the loop about the problem which was resolved to my relief and great joy.

Aniha raj

Fantastic app but ads continuously run this app is amazing and has many great features, but the ads, are very annoying and keep interrupting the user experience. It would be nice if there was an option to remove them or at least reduce their frequency. The app deserves five stars, the ads make it hard to enjoy it fully.

Ana V. Quinonez

It’s the only app I use for all my photo and flyer editing needs. I use it for my family, my church, and our landscape business, to do photos, retouching, campaign, flyers, and the list goes on! 

Thank you picsart!

M Rehan Yousaf

I love it. Picsart is a versatile app that is fantastic for photo editing, creating collages, and designing. Its extensive array of filters, tools, and effects offers creative freedom. However, the interface might feel overwhelming at first due to its vast options. Overall, it’s great for beginners and experienced users looking to enhance their photos and explore their artistic side.

Billie jo Mendoza

Even though you have to pay to get good editing tools, I find it’s worth it. I like the editing tools and how easy it is. The background eliminator is my absolute favorite for making stickers, they even give you the option to save as PNG, PDF, etc, which makes it so the background will be space instead of a white background. This helps me in making business logos, posters, and other business-related marketing. It’s like 8 bucks a month which isn’t bad for what the app offers. 


  It’s time to conclude our discussion we already talk about this app in depth. Students and professionals who cannot purchase the subscription to the gold app now have the mod apk accessible and unlock all the premium features. Over time technology will be improved as new tools come into the market picsart adds advanced tools in their premium package. If you have any queries feel free to ask via e-mail. To get advanced information about new content and tools stay connected with us. Thanks for reading!


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